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Average Power Factor Chart


Average Power Factor Chart

The power factor of an electricity supply is a measure of how efficiently power is being consumed at site. For an ideal supply, the power factor would equal 1, which means the energy consumed is the same as that drawn from the grid. Most supplies have a power less than 1, and tracking power factor allows for identification of inefficiencies in your site’s consumption of electricity. Power factor is unique to electricity meters, and so this chart is only available for electricity. 

The Average Power Factor bar chart shows the average power factor for an electricity meter (or set of meters) over a specific time period. The chart also includes a line indicating the guidance power factor (set by default to 0.95). Having a power factor of less than the guidance value should be avoided, as you will generally incur reactive power charges on energy bills, and it may also affect your authorised supply capacity charges.

Default Chart Settings

Period Start: First day of the current month

Duration: 1 Month

Time Interval: Daily

These default settings have been set up so users can log in to ENMAT and view the daily average power factor of the selected meter/site for this month to date.

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