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Half Hourly kW Profile


Half Hourly kW Profile

It is possible to analyse the half hourly demand in kW in the same way as the kWh consumption in Half Hourly kWh/kg/m3 Profile chart. Viewing the data in this format allows for the analysis of demand patterns for a supply in half hourly time increments. Demand is unique to electricity meters, and so this chart is only available for electricity.

The Half Hourly kW Profile line chart show a detailed view of the half hourly demand data for electricity meters with this level of data granularity (half hourly/AMR electricity meters).

Default Chart Settings

Period Start: Last Saturday

Duration: 1 Week

Time Interval: N/A (options can be chosen but will have no effect on chart)

The default period start is the last Saturday to occur - this is so users can log in to ENMAT and view this chart on a Monday and see the meter’s energy demand profiles over the weekend as default. Pressing the back button will show the previous week, Saturday – Friday. 

Changing the chart options will allow you to change the Period Start and Duration if you so wish, though it is not suggested to display too many days’ worth of data on the chart as it will get very busy.

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