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Chart Options


Chart Options 

The chart options page allows users to define what time period is shown on a chart, and the time interval of the data shown (e.g. hourly, daily, monthly).

We have updated the chart options in the ENMAT V3.0 release. For all changes introducted in V3.0, see this knowledgebase article

The chart options page can be found once a chart has been selected and loaded from the Dashboard. Initially, once a chart is selected from the Dashboard, the chart loads with the default settings for that chart (See chart articles for details).

Once the chart has loaded, click on the gear icon shown below to the right of the chart name to open the options page.

The Chart Options interface has been completely redesigned in V3.0 to be more user friendly, and allows for easier selection of the time period and interval to be shown on the chart. The options have now been split into four sections:

Period Start – Select the date/time for the start of the time period shown on the chart (note that the time option will only appear when the Duration has been set to “Hours”).

Duration – Select the length of time shown on the chart from the Period Start. Options include: Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years.

Time Interval – Select the time interval of the data shown on the chart. Options include: Half Hourly, Hourly, Daily, Monthly.

Time Zone – Select the time zone that the data will be shown in. The default it Europe/London.

The image below shows the new interface. The Period Start time option (highlighted with a red box) will only appear when the Duration has been set to “Hours”.

Once you have set your preferences in the chart, click the blue “Filter” button to re-load the chart with the new time period and duration settings. 

Once the chart has loaded, the Chart Back/Forward Buttons can be used to go back and forward in time by a time period based on the Duration settings chosen. If the chart Duration has been set to Months, the back and forward buttons will show the user the previous/next month’s energy data. 

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