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Downloading/Printing Site Consumption Reports


Downloading/Printing Site Consumption Reports

It is highly recommended that if you are using the print function of ENMAT that you use Google’s Chrome browser as this offers the best results. Support for other browsers and improved printing functionality is part of the ongoing development of ENMAT and is due for release in 2017.  

If you wish to print or save a copy of a chart, click the printer icon to the right of the chart title and options tabs (highlighted with a red box in the image below).

The “Print” dialogue box will then open on top of your web page. The example shown below is for the Google Chrome browser. 

To change the printer, or save as a PDF, click on the grey “Change…” button (highlighted with red box in image).


The following “Select a Destination” dialogue box will then open that will allow you to change the printer or save as PDF:

Once you have chosen the printer/save as PDF option you desire, the “Select a Destination” dialogue box will disappear, and you will be returned to the main “Print” dialogue box. 

Click on the blue “Save” button if you selected Save to PDF to select a destination and or “Print” button to complete the action. 

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